I advocate for
so we may see


I advocate for
so we may feel
one another


I advocate for
so we may

 F O R E V E R


My passion of traveling has recently got me in a rut, only I decide if I stay there....

Gray matter that covers the sun and celebrates the abysmal. Day after day it covers its inhabitants with showers of the same....

With each step we move, each breath we take our traces our scattered about the infinite, the immortal, the forever....

I've often wondered as many do, how things come to be....

This summer has been another great one to add to the memory books. It was one filled with adventure, love, new experiences, and difficulty.

Sometimes you don't expect much of anything. Sometimes you're very content with where life has brought you, and then all of a sudden life gets better...much better!

Here's something I often say to those around me "I'm not moving slow, you're experiencing to fast"