Location, uncertain

familiarity, out the window

comfort, non-existent

Finding yourself somewhere foreign yet familiar.
Out in the world, enriching yourself with new perspective.
Broadening your horizons, enlightening your once fixed perspective.

New sounds

            New Smells

                           New scenery

Adventure is like a syringe full of epinephrine, full of chaos yet vital for life.

Adventure is like a hard lesson learned , hard on the self yet good for the soul.

Seeking something out in the world.
Where it is, when you'll find it is never for sure.


you continue to look for it,
seeking it out in such a manner that you feel that it might one day become a tangible object,
one that you can reach and look upon with wonder and amazement.

Walk into the dark

Dare to risk it all

Leave the familiar behind

Embrace the unknown with all of your being....

Fall for adventure.


10/11/2013 1:22pm

Enjoy the experience :)

10/16/2013 3:54pm

aw i love this


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