Gray matter that covers the sun and celebrates the abysmal. Day after day it covers its inhabitants with showers of the same....
On a recent flight from Portland to Chicago I flew out of an overcast sky. Overcast sky that dwells over you day in and day out in the new place I currently reside. Gray becomes a continuous state of being, no concrete way forward, and no concrete way back. I somehow believed my past adventures would settle me in quick to this new habitat, I was mistaken.

I've been here nearly 6 months and the ups have come with downs, much as is the constant in life.
I've continued to hold the light within for I no longer see it on most days. I know it's there, but lacking its physical presence is somehow taxing in a way I couldn't have foreseen. The light is there just beyond my reach, but when needed, I would like it to peer at me and stare at me with the same optimism I share with it.

As I sat on this plane ride I really became aware just how poignant this ride would be, under random circumstances I was on a trip I had never even considered. Going to console a person I love, while she deals with the hurt in her own life.

The plane begins to take off and my surroundings look as they have been, unclear.

With a thunderous roar the engine starts, the rumbling begins and we're off. I look out the window and observe the mist cascade the wings of the plane, every rumble inches us forward to the clarity.

In a split second, like the rising of the ocean tides, a flash of light glimmers through the small plane window and the sun silences the engines, we're present in its excellence.

It is then that I realize this abysmal state is but a facade. An illusion playing a clever trick to the untrained eye, oh but I have been trained.

I now see it as clear as I ever could. These states are temporary, the circumstances as well. Even when things appear unclear, the light will awaken and reinvigorate the path.


01/03/2014 12:16pm

lovely post. Happy New Year

01/07/2014 11:54pm

Happy new year to you as well, and I appreciate the continued support!


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