No feeling compares.

Enamored by a force that is non physical, yet all encompassing.

Blood rushing, excitement at a high, an experience that is one of the highest we as human beings can take part in.

Starting as strangers

Discovering everything that this person is willing to divulge.

What you feel in this moment is something special, something you've never felt before.

These discoveries lead to another plain of existence.

They lead to a molding of one path into that of another.
You operate as one, intertwined.
Where the path leads is uncertain, what the path is, is something you intend to seek entirely.

This path has its ups and downs, it starts and its stops.
This path is worth discovering you convince yourself, worth pursuing, worth the risk.

Love is adventure.

Are you willing to be the explorer?

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10/04/2013 7:01pm

Jeremy this is beautiful. This reminds me of something.

10/10/2013 2:56pm



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