This summer has been another great one to add to the memory books. It was one filled with adventure, love, new experiences, and difficulty.
This summer I finally made it a reality to move to the Pacific Northwest, specifically the Portland area. This choice has been in the works since 2007, a time which found my life in a much different existence.

A promise I made back in that time would eventually have me relocate to the PNW ( as I call it, but "Pacific Northwest" for long) this year. This promise involved my daughter, her mothers side of the family, and her getting  acquainted with a  family that she's only seen sparingly throughout the years.

Keeping this promise would uproot my life to another place, yet again a new start,  but see for me the whole separation from my child, a couple months here, a couple there, wouldn't work.

My child is my existence.
For her I would be willing to cross the globe just to be at her side.

This move would also allow me in some capacity to fulfill a dream I had when I was younger, to live in Seattle,

let me elaborate....

When I was a teenage boy I always wanted to move to Seattle, for what reason I'm not so sure? As I've grown my attitude and place of interest has shifted a bit south to Portland, but nonetheless the Pacific Northwest was always a place on my "places to live" list.

Having just graduated from a University, which was also a promise I made to myself long ago, I was very eager to get into some work that would compliment my ideals on life and my new found education. I came out to the PNW with the intention of finding work in the nonprofit arena in Portland and I was determined to make this a reality !

Starting new is never the easiest thing, for me it proved a little more difficult then I had expected.
I found myself at a point in my life where it was time to stick to what I believe in.

A time where I would only pursue that which I want, and not what I needed to.
A crossroads where everything I hold dear would have to intersect with that which sustains me.
This want kept me focused, kept a dream alive.

When I arrived in this PNW I knew no one other then my ex's family. I was fortunate enough to have a place to stay, the rest was on me.

With limited funds and a drive to succeed... I was off!

I spent countless hours on the internet scouring job boards looking for ideal work, spending countless hours updating and editing resumes and cover letters. Rewriting and resubmitting.

This went on nearly the whole summer. The numbers in my bank account dwindling, the numbers on my credit card rising.

After so much rejection I began to doubt, I began to think...

"Was this worth it?"

"Was I being realistic?"

How could a 27 year old fresh grad, ex-veteran, just think he could come out to a big city and get a job, not only that but a job he wants!

I thought....

"What you've been doing these last few years has been personally enriching, but this economy is still struggling, and you my friend are swimming in a sea of competition."

I began to lose the focus which drove me, began to weigh the options that I might have to find a "job" that would bring in cash, rather than feed my soul.

I was feeling defeated.

However the great support system I've created in my life, the great people I keep in it, they were the driving force that kept me going.

They saw the spark I saw in myself and reminded me that my persistence would pay off.

Getting down to the wire, an amazing person in my life instructed me to get in tune with my manifestation and then manifest the shit out of what I wanted!

I wrote down what had driven me in the first place.
I wrote down where I wanted to go,
where I wanted to be.

After a renewed sense of focus and determination I got back on my grind.

Everything was about to come together.

Late last month I got the chance to interview at a nonprofit I found extremely interesting and a place that would allow me to work in an environment where I could be of service to others.

After fully dedicating myself and manifesting that this position was one I could have, I put the rest on my abilities.

Not even 24hrs later I was offered the position. In that moment I was grateful that everything that had brought me to this point had finally come to fruition.

This summer has proved to me yet again how great life can be. See things might (and usually don't) go your way, but even then there is much value in a struggle.

For a struggle keeps you hungry, fresh, determined, alive.

going through that struggle and getting out on the other side of it, will allow you to see in retrospect the courage to reach out and grab what it you want.

so I say .......  Manifest, manifest, MANIFEST !

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