I've often wondered as many do, how things come to be....
This universe is vast

The world, large.

Us, tiny pieces of a much bigger system.

How things come to materialize, to even intersect is mind blowing (I'll save you any sort of mathematical figures)

We can say that things are meant to be

but, are they?

How do we explain the chance of just missing out on a near fatal crash?

The chance encounter of meeting the person you will call your soul mate?

The moment you walked into a particular situation that dictated the rest of your life?

Questions.... no concrete answers.

Sure we could try and reason these encounters. Sure we could try our best  effort to explain the random occurrences of our world.


what if we just let them be.....

I more often think sometimes, things are best left unknown. Not because getting the information is not helpful or vital, but I tend to believe that some mysteries all add to the experience we call life.

These happenings in our life, give it purpose, give it meaning.

They weave in an out without notice and without regard.

As we become more "Advanced" in this modern age we begin to want a meaning to our existence on this planet.

However I find it particular interesting that in some instances our science is beginning to prove happenings that have been mentioned in religious doctrines, novels, and historical accounts.

Are we moving forward to reason our past?

Sometimes things are beautiful because they just are.
They were always meant to be, perhaps we're just waking up to this reality.

Let us pursue our questions while also taking the time to enjoy our experience.

Let us not confine ourselves to the paths


enjoy the dance at the parallels


11/08/2013 2:37pm

"Let us not confine ourselves to the paths, but enjoy the dance at the parallels." I just love this Jeremy, it's such a beautiful sentiment. This was a wonderfully thought-provoking piece.

11/12/2013 3:01pm



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