Here's something I often say to those around me "I'm not moving slow, you're experiencing to fast"
I'm a slow walker

A slow traveler

Slow to take in this experience

There is a method to my madness one that perhaps is unique to me. See I move around this world in a slow demeanor.

I'm not in a rush,  I have no urgency, I don't want to rush it.

"It" you may be puzzled, "What is 'it' ? "

for me,

It = life

I'm in no need to rush it. I think we often get lost in the hustle and bustle of the world around us that we forget to slow down and breathe.

Admire that which surrounds us, the big things, the small things, the unimportant things, the most important things.

Slow down

Learn to take two steps back, walk at a slower pace, you may miss it all!

Whether it be my travels, my random adventures, raising my little explorer....I take my time.

I'm trying to savor it all. The smallest details, that ones that most people overlook.

I find a high value on these smallest things.

We move so rapidly nowadays. Texts, E-mails, Phone Calls, TV shows, new this, new that.

So fast and for what?

As you progress through life you're unfortunately not allotted more time, so use it preciously.



10/10/2013 1:53pm

It's true, we do move far too quickly and that can lead to taking things for granted. I applaud your efforts to pause and smell the daisies or watch the sun rise. There's nothing better and those moments are what will matter in the end. I sometime wonder if experiencing moments of blindness or feeling deaf would lead us to appreciate more? It's so easy to forget all that we've been given.

10/11/2013 1:25am

Morgan I appreciate the comment, and you raise a very interesting question...indeed it is interesting to know if those who lack the sense of sound or sight do appreciate the world more?

Going to ponder that for a bit : )

safe travels !


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