With each step we move, each breath we take our traces our scattered about the infinite, the immortal, the forever....
I go!

I go because for me this life is an adventure!

I explore, because I'm curious

I ask, because I want to know

I question, because I don't fully understand.

Each interaction I have is a unique chance to interact with that I have yet to encounter, for that which I may never experience again. These little splices of life we have and share with one another add enrichment to the ever constructing path.

To cherish those little pieces, to approach each one with genuineness, we allow ourselves to be open, to give and receive.

What I receive I appreciate

What I give, I do so without care

For what I give can only be gotten from one source and received in the same way.

Leave the remnants of yourself scattered about. They add the finish to the decor, the cherry to the top, the icing to the cake.

When and what you give will resound in the infinite spaces of time where we all come from, for where we're all eventually going.

Leave remnants.

[img]: climateshifts

12/03/2013 2:40pm

that pic creeps me out, man


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