My passion of traveling has recently got me in a rut, only I decide if I stay there....
First let me start this by apologizing for being so quiet over the last few months. I've actually found myself quite busy in a way I had not imagined before. What's kept me busy over these last few months is "work" or adhering momentarily by the conventions of the working world. I will say though that this recent opportunity entails a position which incorporates morals for which I live by, and it's how I first gravitated towards it.

I currently adhere to a "normal" life but the explorer is always lurking within. Recently some part of me has been encountering inner turmoil, coming to terms with this current existence, but more on that later.

Recently I met with a couch surfer someone almost a decade my junior. We shared great conversation and in that simple conversation I realized something profound.
I realized that in others we can sometimes gain clarity of ourselves.
As this adventurous spirit exchanged life with me, we shared stories of educations, beliefs, and most importantly travel. I began to mention my most recent travel experience one that took place this last summer, an experience in which drove across the U.S.

I began my tale with...
"This last summer I traveled zig zagged across the U.S, 4,000 miles in 14 days" ....

She responds
"That sounds like a title for a book or film!"

I've been to some degree losing grasp on this creative/adventurous side of my being. The one that has been exploring and creating for the last couple of years. I'm never one for self loathing but for some odd reason I needed this interaction to prove that this person was still within. I needed to see myself again.

This interaction brought some insight. I began to asses where I am, and where I have yet to go. What I am capable of and what I still desire.

I brought up this most recent travel escapade because it has put me in a financial rut. I took on more debt than I ever have, and I believe for the experience I had this was all worth it!

This experience however does not take away from the situation I find myself in. Currently I'm climbing back up out of debt and rebuilding slowly to get to where I need to.

These speed bumps are temporary, presenting minor bumps in an otherwise long and winding mysterious road.

And the road is always calling !   


02/21/2014 3:54pm

Hear, hear. Sour grapes make great vinegar.


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