Sometimes you don't expect much of anything. Sometimes you're very content with where life has brought you, and then all of a sudden life gets better...much better!
A couple of posts ago I shared about my not so fortunate ordeal of love and my passion coinciding.

See when I wrote that post I had just left a "relationship" and I was content on not finding anything for quite some time. I was happy with what I had learned, with the experience.

Yet here I sit and I may have stumbled across one of those moments in life where fate has so passionately intervened.

What I've found is hard to explain yet so fitting to where my life is now, its almost peculiar that it never happened before.

I could attempt to sum up all the amazing that has transpired, the way life has presented me with something quite unique, but even in all that I don't think words could fully explain this occurrence, and where this situation might lead.

I've never been a believer in fate


Sometimes in life you're proven wrong, and in so doing you must reassess that which you have believed.

One must open up to the possibilities !


Below is a set of words I've strung together that I feel compliment the meaning of this post.

Strange Occurrences

At times life gets sour
at others so sweet

Life can be a downward spiral
an uproarious drumbeat

Swelling the tides of your path,
moving you in directions once unseen

Possibilities are endless is what they say

I now begin to see


09/06/2013 4:58pm

GREAT pic!


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